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Customer Escalations Management

The Golden Recipe

Regardless of how big or small your company is, having a customer escalation management system in place is essential in any business. Discover how you can reduce stress, frustration and dissatisfaction for your customers (and your employees)

Nikolaos Zormpas

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Nikolaos Zormpas

Business Leader - Author

Nikolaos boasts a career in a Fortune 500 environment. Known for his innovative attitude, he is a business champion with longstanding expertise in customer relationships management, combining emotional intelligence with a passion to create great experiences.

“Everything in life is hours of driving. The more you drive your car, the better driver you become!”

– Nikolaos Zormpas

The Golden Recipe

Customer Escalations Management

If you want to provide your clients with great customer service, your company has to be prepared for the most unexpected situations. Learn how, now!

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